Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I Hate Arthritis

I hate arthritis because I'm ONLY 23!

Because it limits playtime with my 4 year old and most likely any other child I will choose to bring into this world. Let alone family and friends.

Because it makes me feel lazy and like a shut in.

Because I want to dance but I can't because I KNOW it will hurt later.

I love to eat but can't because of the nausea/ disease induced anorexia that I live with on the daily basis.

Because at 23 I want men to look at me when I walk cuz I look damn good in my heels or jeans, not because of my crazy limping or because I'm dropping things all through a store.

Because the meds are too expensive and I'm a student. So I actually have to choose between medications and feeding my family... and my family always comes first.

Because as much as I want to be an advocate for myself at doctors appointments, I still clam up and don't address questions or concerns like I should. I don't think they really listen to me anyway. They didn't for years...why start now?

Because no one in my family (except my fiance) can understand why I need a nap and can't cook like I used to.

Because I'm cranky 96% of the time! I used to be so bubbly and care free. I want to be that person again.

Please comment on why you hate arthritis or any other chronic illness


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